My Story:

My name is “Aomyimyim”. I came to Mali & Derek at the beginning of 2017. Before then I had to fend for myself on the streets… and that is where I became very sick. I suffered from TVT (transmissible venereal tumour), an infectious type of cancer with a bad prognosis if left untreated. Mali brought me to a clinic and I had to undergo chemotherapy. Only due to that help am I a happy & healthy girl today. I do not have to fight for survival on the streets any more… I get regular meals and good care. I am hoping to find a kind sponsor who can fill my food bowl here at the shelter. With a minimum of just 15 Euros (600 THB) per month you can help me… that way Mali & Derek can continue to look after me. The costs for caring for more than 350 dogs & 35 cats are enormous and cannot be covered without the help of kind supporters. We animals do not want to go back to a life on the streets. Kind food sponsors are our most important supporters and guarantee our continued care… so that we animals, whom nobody else is interested in, can enjoy a little bit of happiness in our lives. Is there a kind person for me somewhere who would consider becoming my sponsor?

With love from Thailand,



General Sponsorship Information:

Sponsoring is a way for you to help homeless dogs, even if you can’t adopt. Our monthly sponsorship program allows exceptional animal lovers like YOU, to help us rescue animals in need. When you sign up for a monthly sponsorship you become one of us, a rescuer. By giving a reccuring monthly monetary donation, you enable us to keep providing good care & a safe place for the sick, injured & dumped animals, including dogs from the dog meat trade, who have found refuge with us.

The regular stream of income provided by sponsorships, fund our every day costs: food, medical supplies and treatments, safe and comfortable habitats for the animals and the love and care they receive from us all, here at the shelter. Our monthly sponsors make a huge impact on our ability to save animals from the life threatening situations they face.

Please consider being a monthly sponsor. We rely on YOU to make it all happen here at Mabprachan Animal Shelter.

Each dog has a button for sponsorship (listed at the top of each dog’s page); just click that button and you will be taken to a page explaining how to give.

Please ensure you tick the ‘Recurring’ payment option when signing up for a sponsorship.

And please remember that just because a dog already has a sponsor, it does NOT mean that you can’t sponsor the same dog.

A sponsorship starts at a minimum of 15 Euros (600 THB) per dog per month. Please do not forget to send us a message via our contact form if you wish to receive a personalized sponsorship certificate with your name of choice.Personalised sponsorship certificate’s with your loved one’s name make wonderful and meaningful gift ideas.

And last but not least, you are of course welcome to visit your sponsored dog at any time, just let us know prior to your visit.